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You'll want to purchase pieces from self-proclaimed ...quot;shopping addicts...quot; and ...quot;shoe hoarders....quot; Its a glamourized indoor yard sale, definately too cold to be outside this time of year....nbsp; Take home pieces from brands like Rocawear, Bebe, H...amp;M, Forever21.... stock up on things like custom jewelry, purses, belts, shoes, jackets, and quirky home decor. Bring your friends! Most items under $20!...nbsp; As a treat for buy some of our new ...amp; used items receive a free swag bag with coupons and vouchers for services at local salons and much more! (Good while supplies last).

Fashion Swap...nbsp;

Nov 20th, 12-4pm

508 6th Ave

Tacoma 98402

(2nd floor, studio 10)

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MUA Irene Deneen

Model:...nbsp; Leavitt Castro...nbsp; SMG

Intern/Assist:...nbsp; Dennis Marchenko/ Jordan Murphy

Styled by:...nbsp; Jordan Murphy

Photos: April Greer

freckles http://www.aprilgreerblog.com/index.cfm?postID=399 http://www.aprilgreerblog.com/index.cfm?postID=399 Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:34:00 GMT SMG model Mckenzie....nbsp; She has darling freckles and I loved her personality....nbsp; Loaded with clothing from Free People we caravaned to Tacoma's best photo spots....nbsp; We're stoked about the results and hope to see Mckenzie Dagan in the media real soon! My crew was rocked out past sunset for this one. More tests coming up! For information on testing with me please hit me up:...nbsp; aprilgphoto@gmail.com


Hair ...amp; Makeup:...nbsp; Irene Deen

Assist/Intern:...nbsp; Jordan Murphy,...nbsp; Dennis Marchenko

Styling:...nbsp; April/Irene

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one light http://www.aprilgreerblog.com/index.cfm?postID=395 http://www.aprilgreerblog.com/index.cfm?postID=395 Tue, 20 Sep 2011 21:08:00 GMT Seattle Model's Guild has the best mix of Seattle's star personalities and model talent....nbsp; As soon as I saw her new look (brunette to blonde) I called the agency right away saying 'MUST SHOOT WITH HER!!!' Seriously! As a blonde, Melissa reminded me of a young Madonna or something. Using my favorite 1 light setup, I knew it was gonna be cool. ...nbsp; #winning#

Here's part 1 of 3 for this dynamic trio.

Models: Melissa Cazares, Stephen Reed, Brian Deen

MUA:...nbsp; Brian Deen

Hair:...nbsp; Kelly Christopherson, Salon Swish

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We spent hours shooting throughout the day, I watched her transform into a new person with every outfit and makeup change. Juliana is a personal trainer and fantastic fitness model from Bothell, WA. This was her first crack at wearing something other than a sports bra or bikini in front of the camera....nbsp; By the time most people get to me, they want something ...quot;different....quot; I don't always know what that means for each person, but I give them my best! Her smile is electric and yet she's able to dim it for those fierce expressions....nbsp; From Tonga, she brings an exotic look and unique curves (all the right places). She's putting together a model portfolio, here's a peek at what we came up with during her shoot. If you're looking to create a model portfolio, hit me up! april@aprilgreer.com

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Here's a video I produced before leaving on vacay. It sums up my spring/summer here in Tacoma....nbsp; I love this town and the fabulous artists it produces. Where else can have a mesh of Japanese, Irish, Asian, Black, Samoan, Tongan, Russian (the list goes on). ...nbsp; It feels like a mini version of San Fran....nbsp; Thanks again for the people who hire me again and again, I love shooting fashion, fitness, and dramatic portraits. While only taking 5 weddings this year I was able to devote much more time on reinventing my brand and discovering my style outside of weddings....nbsp; I can't say the brand has arrived yet, but it feels good to devote my focus in this direction. Enjoy the video!

tacoma rappers http://www.aprilgreerblog.com/index.cfm?postID=392 http://www.aprilgreerblog.com/index.cfm?postID=392 Mon, 29 Aug 2011 14:06:00 GMT FLY by NIcki Minaj ...amp; Rhianna. The official video launched at the VMA's. Here's a sneak peek at the web banners and posters they designed.

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